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by runnner

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sublet 02:50
i packed it in all over again in this cold room i stripped my bed standing outside waiting for the megabus tried to keep it tied i tried too much do i want this bad enough? going out alone never made it home
eggshell 03:24
i'm sleeping later every day i let my time all go to waste i'm cracking eggshells in the pan too much i don't know if i'm washing my hands enough i'm keeping it close to the surface but that's not really making it hurt less nothing to do but keep texting my therapist so many half assed attempts to get over this still dreaming in abbreviated emails regarding airfare quotes, unrendered thumbnails it's 9pm and slipping out "i'm still at home" blistered my palm, losing to metal mario i'm having it out with the countertop cuz it doesn't believe i can turn it off wasting a year in the garage like a gravel pit but i'm young i should just fucking enjoy this shit i hate the part of the song where the chorus hits cuz i don't like sticking flags on my nervousness stuck in the kitchen for hours it's my default still can't determine between white sugar and salt
super lotto 02:48
so far scratch it off in careless strokes blow hard silver dust and swallowed smoke i think it's time to go losing lotto driving slowly move now exercise in empty rooms glued down pick a spot and spread your roots i think i'll just stay in petulant kid drunk on birthday wishes dry bite tearing off the plastic sleeve blue light turn it off and go to sleep
fan on 02:34
fan on in your room daylight seeping through window shifting two blues morning separate pushed down making space can't sleep so i'm waiting i can't guess what's on your mind feel so dumb for even trying and i can't explain it now why my head's so fucking loud gave up on knowing why sitting silent passing time
frame 04:41
i spit the rest all down the sink drain while my morning colors fade out into caffeinated ether a bad attempt to quiet down and this week doesn't feel that different i stay up late for nothing good i kick myself for never sleeping i'm weighted down by all i should but i don't know what i'm doing anymore i wanna be productive but i can't get off the floor and if you ask me how i'm feeiing i'll just lie i see my best friends every weekend i'm fucking reading all the time and i can't focus like i used to your hurried lights all pitched in red i watched the train go by your window i'm having trouble staying present but i don't want to talk about it now cuz we can't keep this up forever so let's just let it all fall out i'm radiating angling from frame drifting so aimlessly sliding away i'm radiating angling away moving on endlessly falling from frame


This EP was mostly recorded in the Summer & Fall of 2018. Mostly in the garage, and mostly when it was very hot outside.

It’s a record made for & from little moments spent at home. It’s background chatter during daily routines. It’s daydreaming at a party. It’s a fan on in the back of the room.

We want to thank our families, friends, roommates, fans, stans, lovers, & others for making this possible. We are consistently in awe at the amount of support you all have given this project.


released June 7, 2019

noah weinman - guitar, trumpet, banjo, bass, synth, vocals
nate lichtenberger - drums, percussion, synth
evan rasch - guitar, vocals
dan rasch - synth, vocals
rosie tucker - vocals
olivia gerber - vocals
ben mcpeek - alto sax
jordan leicht - tenor sax

ben salk - piano (on "eggshell")
matt emonson - bass (on "eggshell")
james wolf - slide guitar (on "eggshell")

produced by nate and noah
mixed by nate and noah with a lot of help from ben s and matt
except for "frame" which was mixed by derek ted
mastered by warren hildebrand
artwork by claire mcclusky


all rights reserved



runnner Los Angeles, California

bandcamp songs for soundcloud kids

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